Al-Iraqiya Sports

The present time, because sports have become one of the most important interests of many viewers in recent times, and sports channels have increased significantly on television

But the distinction of each satellite channel differs from the other according to its management and the quality of dealing with it, and one of the most important satellite channels is the Iraqi sports channel.

What does the Iraqi sports channel offer?

The channel works to provide sports content, and it is considered one of the best sports channels that broadcast from Iraq, and the channel has become a focus of research for many viewers and followers of sports news on the Arab level, and it is considered one of the best channels that Iraqi TV has worked to present and has become a broadcast center for many matches Important sports on its screen.

It is affiliated with the Iraqi Media Channels Network, and the channel has gained a good audience base. It is very large, as many viewers from all over the Arab world watch and follow the channel.

The Iraqi Sports Channel was established in 2005, and it began broadcasting on terrestrial TV in the first place in Iraq and Karbala, then the channel expanded until it developed and broadcast programs and matches on the Nilesat satellite, without any subscriptions, so that all fans and followers of the channel can enjoy watching .

The Iraqi sports channel presents friendly matches in football, and certainly official matches, and is interested in all audiences throughout the Arab world. It works on showing all matches from all over the world in general, and from the Arab world in particular, so it appears as a distinct channel for many.

The channel offers many programs, the most important of which are programs that provide analytical sports programs, and this type of program is preferred by many viewers, and there are daily programs that are shown daily, and other programs are shown monthly.

The channel is also interested in the analytical studio and its attempt to transmit and analyze the match from the sports stadium to the match, and this is something that not every channel can provide.

channel frequency

The channel operates on the Nilesat satellite.

Frequency: 12562 (H).

Quality: HD.

You can also watch the channel on its official website. We advise you to follow the Iraqi sports channel, as it is one of the best sports channels.

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