ONLINE TV BECOME A NEW TREND, As we know, entertainment is always needed by all people around the world to releasing stress. There are many kinds of entertainment we could enjoy. We can enjoy the online or either offline entertainment. Online entertainment is an entertainment that can be enjoy everywhere without attend to the real location. And the offline entertainment is the one we should come to the location to enjoy it. Online entertainment is now become popular among modern people. The example of online entertainment is streaming Television through internet. There are many online televisions in each country, for example TV online Malaysia, TV online Indonesia etc.

These days, online TV becomes more popular because the busy schedule that modern people have. In each country, there are online TV channels. Not only has the TV channeled, but there also the traditional channel that can stream online. Such as a channel that usually watches at the TV, we also can watch it in other gadget by stream the link. For example a Malaysian want to watch TV online Malaysia, the person should just use the gadget.

Moreover, not only the native citizen can watch the online streaming, but also the others that live outside the country. For example, if you live in Indonesia but you want to watch the Malaysian program, you can stream the TV online Malaysia. Or the others that live outside our country also able to watch the program that our TV channel have by stream the program online. It is such a benefit for everyone when the idea of online TV is coming. We also can get the news from around the world as soon as possible because the online streaming available.

Most popular in Indonesia and other south East Asia is TV Online Malaysia. Much Malaysian artist become idol in South East Asia Country, that makes the program of Malaysia Channel also become popular. Besides, there also many televisions program that merger between two countries or more. So it makes the online TV become more and more popular.

Finally, based on those facts above, we can understand that TV online is one of the modern traditions. There are also many kind of TV online that we can enjoy. The example is TV online Indonesia, TV online Korea, TV online Malaysia and many more. Those TV online also can be watch by the people from outside the country because it streams through the Internet connection.


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