Watching TV is a Hobby for modern people, Are you enjoying watching TV? What kind of programs do you love to watch? I’m sure that you watch almost the entire TV program. As we know, Television provides many kinds of programs from informative programs to entertaining programs. There are also vary of TV channels and programs that we can watch throughout the day. Normally, a TV station has more than one TV Channel and programs. There is a lot of TV Stations that provide two or more channel, such as in Indonesia there are SCTV and Indosiar that come from one Station and In Malaysia, there are TV1 Malaysia and TV2 Malaysia.

Usually, channels that come from the same station also have similarities in programs. Sometimes they re-Broadcast the other channels' programs based on the viewer's request. Or sometimes they do join broadcasting. Join broadcasting is when the channel broadcasted the same program in the same time slot on the same day. For example, if Indosiar broadcast award programs at 6 pm on the 7th of August 2018, SCTV also broadcasts the same program at the same time and day. Or when TV1 Malaysia broadcasts an election debate program at 5 pm on the 18th of December 2018, TV2 Malaysia also broadcasts the same program on the same time slot and day.

Moreover, you may also watch your favorite program wherever you want. With today's technology, we are allowed to watch TV from our smartphones and gadget. We also can access the specifics program online with only one click of the site link. And the best thing we have is that almost every channel has its online site link. Besides, an online link also can be recorded when we can’t watch the program in time. Or when we are on a business trip we still can watch the channel program. For example, TV2 Malaysia also has an online site link that allows us to access the channel everywhere at any time.

Finally, all those explanations can be concluded that watching TV is one of people's most loved hobbies. By watching TV, we allow knowing what is happening around our country, and even around the world. One TV station may have more than one TV Channel that may broadcast the same program. Also, there are many TV channels that have online site links that allow the viewer to watch their program on their smartphone or another gadget such as the TV one from Indonesia and TV2 Malaysia.