Bernama TV Live

Bernama TV is a 24-hour news and current affairs channel owned by Bernama, the national news agency of Malaysia. The channel was launched in 2008 and is available on various pay-TV platforms as well as online.

As a dedicated news channel, Bernama TV's main focus is on providing in-depth coverage of local and international news, as well as current affairs programming. The channel features a team of experienced journalists and anchors who deliver news reports, interviews, and analyses of the latest developments from Malaysia and around the world.

One of the strengths of Bernama TV is its commitment to providing accurate, objective, and reliable news coverage. The channel has a reputation for being a trusted source of news in Malaysia and is often relied upon by viewers and other news organizations for its reporting.

In addition to its news programming, Bernama TV also offers a range of current affairs shows that cover topics such as politics, economics, and social issues. These programs often feature expert guests who provide analysis and commentary on current events, giving viewers a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

One potential weakness of Bernama TV is its focus on serious news and current affairs programming, which may not appeal to all viewers. The channel may not be as popular with viewers who are looking for more entertainment-oriented programming.

Bernama TV is an important source of news and current affairs programming in Malaysia. With its commitment to accurate and objective reporting, the channel plays an important role in keeping viewers informed about the latest developments both in Malaysia and around the world.

As a news and current affairs channel, Bernama TV does not have the same type of entertainment programming as other channels. However, the channel does offer a range of current affairs programs that cover a variety of topics in-depth.

One of the most popular programs on Bernama TV is "Ruang Bicara" (Talk Room), which is a weekly talk show that covers a range of social and political issues in Malaysia. The program features a panel of experts and guests who discuss current events and provide insights into the issues at hand.

Each episode of "Ruang Bicara" focuses on a specific topic, such as human rights, economic policy, or social justice. The guests on the show are often experts in their field, such as academics, activists, or politicians, and they provide valuable perspectives on the issues being discussed.

One of the strengths of "Ruang Bicara" is its ability to provide a platform for open and honest discussion of important issues in Malaysia. The program is known for its insightful and thought-provoking discussions, and it often offers a nuanced and balanced view of complex issues.

Another popular program on Bernama TV is "The Nation", which is a weekly news analysis program that focuses on the biggest stories and developments in Malaysia. The program features a panel of expert guests who provide analysis and commentary on the latest news, and it offers a deep dive into the issues that matter most to Malaysians.

"The Nation" is known for its high-quality analysis and reporting, and it is often cited as a valuable source of information and insights on the latest news and current events in Malaysia.

Overall, Bernama TV's current affairs programs, such as "Ruang Bicara" and "The Nation", are highly respected for their insightful reporting and analysis of the latest news and issues in Malaysia. While these programs may not have the same level of popularity as entertainment programs on other channels, they play an important role in informing and engaging viewers on the most important issues in the country.