A New Trend in the TV era, Online TV becomes a trend in this modern era. Working people usually do have not much time left for watching TV. But with online TV, working people now allow watching their favorite programs from their gadgets. Now, we can watch a program on the internet connection. There are many TV stations that provide online sites. Those online sites will make us easier to stay informed about what is happening around the world. Also, there is more than just one TV station in a country which makes us many choices in TV channels. For example in Indonesia, there are SCTV, Indosiar, MNCTV, and many more, while in Malaysia there are TV1 Malaysia, RTM Perlimen Malaysia, Mara TV Malaysia, NTV7 Malaysia, and many more.

Moreover, as we talked about before that online TV becomes a trend in the modern era. This trend becomes more popular because modern people do have not many times to just watch TV. Some TV channels also offer an online site that will help busy people to enjoy the channel program whenever and where ever they want. For example, when a worker needs to go to the office early in the morning of course he or she won’t have much time to sit and watch Television. But now, with online TV the worker may enjoy the news in the morning by clicking the site link on the laptop or gadget from the car or train while they are on the way to the office. The channels that provide online TV are Parlimen TV Malaysia, Mara TV Malaysia, NTV7 Malaysia, KBS TV, TVN, and many other online TV all over the world.

Online TV also can be enjoyed by people outside the country of the TV station. For example, a person from China may watch the NTV7 Malaysia without coming to Malaysia. The person just needs to click on the online site of the TV channel.

Finally, we can conclude that Online TV also provides the manual TV channel that can be enjoyed by an analog antenna or satellite. This trend is an effect of the busy work that still needs information and entertainment that they can get from TV. There are also many channels in the world that provide online TV services such as TV1 Malaysia, TVN, KBS, Mara TV Malaysia, NTV7 Malaysia, and many other channels that also can be enjoyed from cable connection and satellite TV.