TV program based on the Channel, I’m sure that anyone has a TV at home. What is the function of TV? You will answer that TV has many functions in our life. It has an entertainment function, an education function, and many other functions. TV is also one of the most favorite electronic tools. Some of us may watch the television with a specific purpose such as to get information about the world or information related to our work. Nowadays, there are also many TV channels from all over the country around the world such as KBS, Fox Channel, TV1 Malaysia, OKey TV Malaysia, TV3 Malaysia, And many others channels.

Those channels also have different programs and offerings. Some channels specify their programs only on one specialty such as MTV which only broadcast songs, music, and artists. Or the BBC channel is most likely to broadcast only serious things like news even though there are also some educational broadcasts. But there are also some channels that broadcast multiple programs of a different types. For example, there is KBS TV that broadcasts Drama, Music programs, news, comedy program, and some other programs MNCTV from Indonesia broadcast Drama, news as well as cartoon program for kids. Other TV channels that offer the same kind of program are TV1 Malaysia, Okey TV Malaysia, TV3 Malaysia, and many more.

Moreover, television nowadays is not just an electronic tool because we may watch TV from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. So television can be considered an application that we have in our hands. We can enjoy the program by using the smartphone and just following the site link, and we will watch the TV program from wherever we are without preparing the TV and the antenna. There are many channels that provide the online site that can be accessed by the viewers. The TV channels that also have online sites are SCTV, TV1 Malaysia, Okey TV Malaysia, TV3 Malaysia, and many more.

In conclusion, there is no one that does not know and love TV because TV is like the entire life of modern people's lifestyle. There are also some different types of programs that are broadcast by the TV channel. There is some channel that only broadcast a type of program such as MTV and BBC Channel. but also, there are some channels that also broadcast multiple programs that the viewer can choose such as TV1 Malaysia, TV2 Malaysia, and TV3 Malaysia.